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Navi Lack Wood Protection in Marine Environments

A good basis for varnishing

Before applying any varnish it is advisable to increase protection by applying a penetrating wood treatment. The main purpose of this product is to increase the waterproof barrier of the system, to provide good protection against fungus and rot and also provide a well prepared substrate for varnishing.


Navi Lack I:  Preserving oil for wooden boats, interior and exterior above the waterline, with very good penetration effect. Ideal foundation for treatment with Abolin Yachting varnishes.

Substrate to be dry and free of contamination. Wash oily tropical hardwood with Abolin Thinner No 200. Sand with P60 – P80. Remove existing varnishes and loose wood fibres. Apply 1-3 coats, wet-on-wet, depending on surface absorption.

Navi Lack II:   Urethane, high gloss varnish with exceptional flexibility and high hardness. Gives a professional finish, with a light golden finish. Its UV filters enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Very good levelling and gloss retention.

Substrate to be dry and free of contamination. To be applied over Navi Lack I or on old surfaces previously coated with Navi Lack II in good condition.

Technical Leaflet: Navi Lack Wood Protection in Marine Environments

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