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Cool Barrier SLV INJ Type N

Product description

This is a two component amine cured solvent free, 100% solids by volume, Injection Type - low viscosity injection-liquids, based on high strength epoxy resins. Type N (= Normal Potlife) is used for substrate temperatures between +5°C and +30°C.

Typical use

As an injection resin with good adhesion to concrete, mortar, stone, steel and wood. COOL BARRIER SLV INJ, Type N is used to fill and seal voids and cracks in structures such as bridges and other civil engineering buildings, industrial and residential buildings, e.g. columns, beams, foundations, walls, floors and water retaining structures. It not only forms an effective barrier against water infiltration and corrosion promoting media, but it also structurally bonds the concrete sections together.

Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier SLV INJ Type N

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