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Cool Barrier SLV Self Leveling

 Product description

This is a three component solvent free amine cured epoxy coating. It is a high performance product. It is a self levelling product leaving a seamless surface. It is flexible, abrasion, impact, chemical and slip resistant. If enhanced slip resistance is required classified Non Slip aggregates can be used in the system. To be used as mid coat as part of a complete system in atmospheric environments. Suitable on approved primers on concrete substrates.

Typical use

Suitable for a wide range of floors with various levels of mechanical and chemical exposure. Specially designed for industrial floors, laboratories, hospitals, food and beverage plants, kitchens, manufacturing facilities, dairies, warehouses, factories and hangars. May be used as a scrape coat to cover minor undulations on the surface.

Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier SLV Self Leveling

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Solventless Epoxy Floor Systems Application Guide 1.5 MB

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