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Cool Barrier Grip DP

Silicone impregnating agent for Damp Proofing

Cool Barrier Grip DP is VOC-free impregnating cream based on silanes and siloxanes.It provides long-lasting and reliable water repellency to mineral substances such as brickwork and façades. Cool Barrier Grip DP is specially designed to be used for wall injection against rising damp as well as for surface application. Due to its creamy consistence resulting in an excellent workability, Cool Barrier Grip DP suits various kinds of applications where a reliable protection of absorbing mineral construction materials from water intrusion is vitally important.

Special Features

  • simple, drip-free application with troublefree overhead workability
  • extremely high concentration of active ingredients (approx. 80 %)
  • alkaline resistant
  • leaves no residual film
  • dissipates easily within the masonry
  • excellent penetration depth due to the long contact time with the masonry surface
  • can be applied without any loss, in one single step and without running
  • easy to pump and dose
  • causes only little discoloration or intensification of the masonry surface colour
  • suitable to be used as a pressureless DPC injection with a moisture level of up to 95 %.


Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Grip DP

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