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Cool Barrier Grip STF

Anti-Stain and Polishing Agent for Cementitious Floorings

Concrete or screed floors are growing in popularity but have an open-pore structure that is very susceptible to soiling. With COOL BARRIER GRIP STF, ABOLIN is now offering a novel Finish which performs as a highly efficient impregnating agent and as a thin dirt-repelling coating. It is based on an novel alpha-silane terminated polyether which can penetrate deep into the pores of a mineral substrate because of its low viscosity. There, it fills the pores and forms a thin, shiny film on the surface which provides effective protection against stains from substances containing water or oil. Red wine, coca cola, coffee, mustard, ketchup, and engine oil or tire marks can wiped off easily.

Special features

  • good depth of penetration
  • resistance to alkalis
  • stain protection
  • stable in storage
  • high scrub resistance
  • wide application spectrum
  • solventless
  • easy to apply

Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Grip STF

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