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Cool Barrier Grip LTH

Concrete Sealer Densifier and Polishing Agent

COOL BARRIER GRIP LTH concrete densifier is a specially formulated penetrating concrete sealer containing active lithium silicates. Typical applications include treating polished concrete floors in residential housing constructions, retail establishments, shopping center and manufacturing warehouses. It is also suitable for dust-proof or water-proof sealing of concrete masonry if applied appropriately.


  • Lithium silicates allow quick application with low risk of unwanted residues
  • Accelerates the concrete polishing process therefore saving time and costs
  • Penetrates into concrete and offers durable protection
  • Maintains appearance and slip resistance of the original concrete finish
  • Reduces water absorption and water-borne staining
  • Environmentally friendly formulation
  • Easy to use

Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Grip LTH

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