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Artisanal Active Lime Paint

Artisanal Active Lime Paint & Deco is mineral based paint, mat, breathable, ecologically sound, with high water vapor permeability, suitable mainly in indoors applications

This paint looks like chalk white minerals and is extremely suitable for different decorative painting techniques and renovation of old buildings.  The main characteristics are the different shades of colour with its matte texture and superb depth.

Artisanal Active Lime Paint will age beautifully over time and work well for old design styles, contemporary interiors, as well as the most modern styles of today.

Artisanal Active Lime Paint is ideal for most indoor surfaces, works best when absorbed into the wall so it will leave the surface breathable, hence the surface is protected by its anti-fungal properties which mean far less changes of mould growth and will tolerate normal interior humidity.

Artisanal Active Lime Paint is produced and shipped in liquid or in powder form. By selling and shipping the paint in powder form we help reduce carbon emissions. Our product is easy to be carried around, can be stored in powder form for a long time and takes up small space in storage.

Technical Leaflet: Artisanal Active Lime Paint

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