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Active Cool

High solar reflective, ilicone emulsion paint with photocatalytic self-cleaning properties
Active Cool - Nature Shield Silicone

Active Cool: The special silicone/siloxane binder combination used generates a high quality, water repellent (Lotus effect), highly water vapour permeable facade paint. Active Cool is suitable for coating mineral renders/ plasters and for renovation of sound adherent silicate paints, matt dispersion/emulsion paints, synthetic resin renders/plasters and intact external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS/EWI systems).
The absolute offered technology used by the Active Cool paint demonstrates a dual continuous action: When regularly applied on exterior walls, it transforms air pollution into harmless residues and at the same time performs a reflective barrier, which allows the limitation of energy use for cooling. As an interior wall coating (Nature Shield Silicon) it prevents the formation of bacteria colonies onto walls and at the same time acts as an air cleaner. It performs excellent hygrothermal properties and conforms with well known quality and performance standards dealing with concrete and masonry walls protection: EN 1062-1, limited VOC content, no preservatives or heavy metals.

Special Characteristics

  • Reduces the temperature of building envelope
  • Improves indoor thermal comfort conditions
  • Saves energy from Cooling
  • Contributes to air pollution reduction
  • Contributes to the mitigation of Urban Heat Island phenomenon
  • Improves indoor and outdoor air quality
  • Helps keep the aesthetic option of the exterior walls clean


Technical Leaflet: Active Cool

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