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Cool Barrier Grip

Non film forming primer coat based on silanes and siloxanes

Cool Barrier Grip
is a solvent free emulsion primer based on a mixture of silane and siloxane, intended for the “water-repellent treatment” of surfaces, which are then coated using Cool Barrier Facade, Active Cool and Active Sil products. The product is distinguished by its excellent properties of penetration.  Cool Barrier Grip stabilizes chalky and sandy surfaces and reduces their absorbency, without to sacrifice the breathability of the substrate.  

Cool Barrier Grip reduces the capillary absorption of the building which it has penetrated, but does not clog pores or capillaries. There is therefore little or no impairment of the building material's ability to "breathe".

Cool Barrier Grip Features:


  •  ·        Drastic reduction in water uptake
  • ·         Retention of high water-vapor permeability
  • ·         Extensive penetration
  • ·         Adequate resistance to alkalis
  • ·         Resistance to UV light
  • ·         Surfaces not rendered shiny or tacky, or caused to yellow
  • ·         Environmental compatibility

Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Grip

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