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Cool Barrier Façade

Elastomeric high solar reflective anticarbonation coating

Cool Barrier Façade
for masonry and concrete is an excellent quality elastomeric anticarbonation crack-bridging waterproof coating with excellent solar reflective properties. It forms an extremely high reflective mat surface that blocks the incoming solar radiation and thus remains cooler, contributing into energy savings from the cooling needs. An improved coating composition allows the application even on vertical surfaces where optimum sag control and early dirt pick up resistance is critical. It retains its elasticity, even in low temperatures ranging between -20ºC to 80ºC, covers completely all existing hairlines or small cracks and withstands in difficult weather conditions such as rain, snow. Cool Barrier Façade fullfils the EN 1504-2 and EN 1062-1 requirements.

Special Characteristics

  • Saves Energy by reducing the needs for cooling
  • Minimises the heat stress of the structure
  • Creates thermal comfort conditions
  • Protect concrete structures against ingress
  • Anticarbonattion properties
  • Environmentally and user friendly
  • LEED credits


Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Façade

Usefull downloads

Applying Elastomeric Coatings in Cold Weather 150 MB

Masonry and Concrete Products Applications EN 1062-1 200 MB

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