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Sol - silicate waterbased paint with high solar reflective properties The product can be supplied with photocatalytic properties allowing the oxidation of pollutants and their subsequent transformation into harmless residual substances   ActivSil is a highly breathable, silica- potassium silicate - emulsion paint with inert selected silicates and mineral pigments that are highly resistant to weathering. Excellent hygrothermal properties, extreme durability and permanent anti-mould action are some of the key performances of the product.The special selected raw materials provide excellent photocatalytic and solar reflective characteristics. ActivSil is highly recommended for historic and heritage buildings applications.

Special Characteristics


  • “Cleaning” effect of pollutants by means of the decomposition of micro-organisms that dirty surfaces.
  • Excellent solar reflective properties driving to thermal stress protection and energy savings potential.
  • Sutable for historic building renovations
  • High permeability to water vapour
  • High degree of water repellence and protection from aggressive chemicals.
  • Antibacterial and anti-mould action by means of photocatalytic oxidation-reduction


Technical Leaflet: ActivSil

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