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Cool Barrier Grip SWR

Universal hydrophobic impregnating agent for concrete

Cool Barrier Grip SWR
is a mixture of octyltriethoxysilanes isomers,with isooctyltriethoxy-silane as the main component. Cool Barrier Grip SWR is used in undiluted form for the hydro-phobic priming and impregnation of concrete and reinforced concrete or as an admixture for the integral waterproofing of fresh concrete. Cool Barrier Grip SWRreacts with atmospheric moisture and / or the water in the building material’s pores, eliminating alcohol. The active thus substane formed greatly reduces the concrete’s absorbency in the active zone (penetration
depth after post treatment), but without blocking any pores or capillaries. The impregnated building material retains very high water-vapor permeability.Cool Barrier Grip SWR is recommended for the hydrophobic impregnation and priming of concrete and reinforced concrete in road, bridge and building construction.

EN 1504-2


COOL BARRIER GRIP SWR is characterised by:

  • excellent penetrating power
  • no solvents, environmentally compatible
  • low volatility
  • high resistance to alkalis
  • dramatic reduction in chloride and water absorption
  • no loss in breathability
  • reduces loss of concrete due to freeze / thaw action in the presence of de-icing salt
  • enhanced durability
  • provides good adhesion for paints

Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Grip SWR

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Hydrophobic Impregnation of Concrete 1.8 MB

Hydrophobic Impregnation Silanes EN 1504-2 1.2 MB

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