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Cool Barrier Grip Creme

Hydrophobic thixotropic impregnation agent for concrete 

Cool Barrier Grip Creme: solventless, creamy, silane-based water repellent. It is a high quality specialty product for hydrophobic impregnating of both normal and reinforced concrete. Ιτ is designed to penetrate deeply into concrete so as to afford optimum protection against absorption of water and pollutants as well as freeze / thaw cycles. This effect should not be confused with the "beading" effect imparted by impregnating agents that is often referred to as water repellency. Beading is only a surface effect, and it plays a secondary role in protecting the substrate. Concrete treated with Cool Barrier Grip Creme has initially only a moderate beading effect, but this Increases after the surface has been wetted. It is recommended particularly for impregnating and priming concrete and reinforced concrete used in building bridges, roads and buildings. In principle, Cool Barrier Grip Creme may be used on any alkaline substrate that has been treated previously with concentrated or undiluted impregnating agents, such as alkoxysilanes.

EN 1504-2

COOL BARRIER GRIP CREME is characterized by:

  • excellent penetration
  • solventless and environmentally compatible
  • low volatility
  • high resistance to alkalis
  • thixotropic and may so be applied without loss of material
  • greatly delays chloride and water absorption by concrete
  • no loss in breathability
  • improved durability against freeze-thaw de-icing salt stress
  • enhanced durability

Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Grip Creme

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Hydrophobic Impregnation of Concrete 1.8 MB

Hydrophobic Impregnation Silanes EN 1504-2 1.2 MB

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