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Cool Barrier Protecta Clear

Film forming waterbased protective finish clear coat based on polyurethane binders

Cool Barrier Protecta Clear
is a water-based clear top coat based on supreme waterborne nanosized polyurethane binders specifically developed for horizontal clear finish coating applications.
Cool Barrier Protecta Clear protects and enhances the appearance of a variety of already coated roofing materials dealing with residential and commercial applications.It provides a unique combination of properties, such as great exterior durability, good chemical resistance and enhanced appearance by resisting discoloration from dirt and spills.
Cool Barrier Protecta Clear does not yellow and can enhance the color of the substrate when applied in one coat. Good early water resistance and fast dry time provide for faster application and fewer concerns for rain after application. Contractors have reported that Cool Barrier Protecta Clear is easier to apply when used side by side with existing commercial solvent based polyurethane coatings
Cool Barrier Protecta Clear can be used directly over substrates previously treated with latex coatings leading to greater life expectancy.

General characteristics
  • non yelloing
  • improves the dirt pick up and the early water resistance of the roof coatings
  • enhances the durability and the walkability of the treated surface
  • waterbased
  • NMP free
  • easy application

Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Protecta Clear

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