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Cool Barrier Roof ACS

High solar reflective solvent based one component acrylic for asphalt and concrete

Cool Barrier ACS White performs a high solar reflective flat surface with strong adhesion to asphalt and concrete surfaces,. It is highly resistant to weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Where particularly anti-skid properties are obtained, the product can be mixed with white dry quartz sand.

Special characteristics


  • Particularly resistant to ultraviolet radiation and to Ageing
  • Particularly wear and mar resistant.
  • Fast drying
  • High whiteness and brightness factors.
  • Easy application
  • Acquires reflective and antiskid properties easily
  • Suitable for areas where high abrasion resistance and frequently use by traffic is critical
  • Ideal solution for painting and marking parking lots
  • Can be mixed with white dry quartz sand
  • Perfect performance in dry climate.
  • Highly visible even in poor visibility conditions


Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Roof ACS

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