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Cool Barrier Road Heavy Duty

High solar reflective pre-mixed mortar for road applications

Cool Barrier Heavy Duty Road is a pre-mixed mortar in powder, consisting of light-coloured cement, siliceous aggregates of elected grain size, special additives and synthetic polymers, according to a formula developed in the laboratories of Abolin Co. The product is ready to use and only requires mixing with water. The applied product performs a hard and elastic film which is suitable for frequently car traffic.

Principal Characteristics
  • improved surface durability
  • improved surface reflection and therefore improved safety and obvious electrical supply benefits
  • improved resistance to de-icing salts
  • less thermal creep in the summer months
  • no gas emission in the event of fire
  • available in different colours
  • easy application
  • highly visible even in poor visibility conditions
  • mitigates Urban Heat Island phenomenon and related consequences such as smog generation

Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Road Heavy Duty

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