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Concrete P

Pollution Fighting Concrete Coating

Concrete P is a photocatalytic solution based on nanostructured titanium dioxide for the treatment of mineral surfaces. Concrete P is a combination of a TiO2 active in  UV light with a special binder. The binder surrounds the TiO2 and enhances the efficiency enormously and also protects the substrate from damage by the Photocatalytic activity. Concrete P has excellent penetrating properties. This way the product penetrates deep into the surface during the application. This ensures a longer life expectancy. Because is embedded into the support, the product suffers less from harsh weather conditions. After complete evaporation the product migrates to the surface of the stone, thus giving the product its maximum efficiency.

Special Characteristics

  • contributes to air pollution reduction
  • self cleaning affect
  • anti-bacterial and anti-mould effect
  • improves indoor and outdoor air quality
  • helps keep the aesthetic option of the exterior walls clean


Technical Leaflet: Concrete P

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