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High solar reflective concrete based pavements

Cool pavements refer to a range of construction materials. These pavement technologies tend to store less heat and may have lower surface temperatures compared with conventional products. They can help address the problem of urban heat islands, which result in part from the increased temperatures of paved surfaces in a city or suburb.

Need of Cool Barrier Pavement

The conventional pavement surface temperature is generally 20-30ºC [68-86°F] higher than the air/surrounding temperature due to pavement solar energy absorption during daytime, especially in the summer. Also, the absorbed heat energy from pavement surface, which stored in the pavement subsurface, will be re-released into the atmosphere after sunset, keeping heating the atmosphere at nighttime. Due to the large area covered by pavements in urban areas, they are an important element to consider in heat island mitigation.

Cool Barrier pavements can help to address heat islands effect through reducing pavement and air temperature, if used in a large scale. Also the cool pavements with lower surface temperature could reduce the chance of heating stormwater as it runs off the pavement into the local waterways. Besides these effects contributing to address the problem of urban heat islands and improve water quality, the lower temperature in the pavements also would reduce pavement damage/deterioration and improve pavement service life/durability.

Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Pave Tiles and Blocks

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