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Cool Barrier Grip DS 240

Product description

GRIP Dry Soil 240 It is an aqueous solution of a special type of methyl siliconate and is used in diluted form for the impregnation of mineral construction materials to make them water-repellent. GRIP Dry Soil 240 develops its water-repellent properties by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). The active substance formed from the silicone masonry water repellent is polymethylsilicic acid.

Typical use

Sub Base and Sub Grades of Paved Roads, Hiking and Golf Cart Paths, Haul Roads. GRIP Dry Soil 240 is normally used in combination with Abolin’s special powder polymer from the Cool Barrier Grip range.

Application Benefits

  • Reduces Freeze/Thaw Problems
  • Use of Existing on Site Soil
  • Reduce Road Maintenance
  • Maintains Dry Strength Under Wet Conditions

Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Grip DS 240

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