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Cool Barrier Grip Nano

Film forming primer and sealer coat based on nanostructured waterbased acrylics

Cool Barrier Grip Nano
is a Nanotechnology based water-based acrylic emulsion, suitable for the waterproofing sealing of vertical and horizontal mineral substrates, which are then coated using Relux, Active Cool, Cool Barrier Facade or Roof Coatings. Cool Barrier Grip stabilizes chalky and sandy surfaces and reduces their absorbency.

Way of action:

It deters the appearance of capillary cracks, the growth of fungus and mould, as well as the creation of salts. It contributes to the maintenance of the aesthetic perfection of the surfaces without shining or influencing their natural beauty and texture. It protects surfaces for long time while it facilitates their regular cleaning from mud-rain as well as atmospheric pollutants and smog deterring their infiltration in the surface porous. Odorless, user and environmentally friendly.

Technical Leaflet: Cool Barrier Grip Nano

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