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Solventless Epoxy Floor Systems Application Guide

Solventless Epoxy is a type of polymer material that begins as a liquid and is converted to a solid state through a controlled chemical reaction. Because of this change in state, epoxy floor coatings are typically a mechanically strong and chemically resistant type of flooring.

This brochure is an easy to use guide for coating new and existing concrete floors. Topics include: surface preparation, painting tools, selection and application of the recommended paint systems.

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Hydrophobic Impregnation Silanes EN 1504-2

The most efficient way of protecting concrete is to prevent water uptake. The past decades have shown that silanes with long alkyl chains (e.g. iso-octyl) are the ideal product class for this. Their current dominance in masonry protection stems from their outstanding water-repellency and durability. Silanes outperform rival product classes in their resistance to physical, chemical and microbiological attack. Provided that the right product is chosen, impregnation with silane wills preserves a structure for a long time.

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Hydrophobic Impregnation of Concrete

Concrete is today’s main building mate-rial. Our age of globalization requires a stable and fully-functional infrastructure that connects people and markets. This infra - structure is based on concrete. Modern road and bridge construction would be inconceivable without concrete, as would skyscrapers and industrial buildings. Bigger, higher, wider – the global construction boom constantly sets new challenges for materials and technology, as the size and number of buildings increase. That’s why concrete will remain the No. 1 building material in the future.

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Better Facades Start Here!

The facade is your building’s visiting card, and it will make a bad impression if it is dirty or damaged. The building will also depreciate, because the damage will impair the building fabric. That’s why it is better to eliminate a facade’s "natural" enemies, such as water, UV rays and air pollution, from the outset.
Only coatings finely tuned to the respective substrate fend off harmful external influences and afford valuable building components lasting protection.

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Elastomeric Reflective Coatings for Roofs Handbook and Warranty System

A detailed handbook about elastomeric roof coatings applications, suggestions, tips and recommendations and technical info about the Abolin Co product warranty program.

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